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About Us


At Morocco Private Tour, we have special expertise in planning and arranging quality tours.
The professional  knowledge and skills we employ to organize private travel and private group travel are essential in creating the exciting journeys we offer. Rest assured, we have paved the way to matchless adventure. Some of our arrangements, certain special events, entertainments, transportation, accommodations, and meals may not even be available to other tour operators or independent travelers.


We are proud of our fine reputation among our peers and with our clients. The enthusiastic reception we are accorded wherever we go – by our ground operators and in the fine hotels we use – is also rewarding. Morocco Private Tour does not have to emphasize how good its tours are–our former passengers do this for us.


One of the great bothers of travel is tipping. With Morocco Private Tour, every tour is 100% care-free of all such worry. All tips are handled by us-hotel porters, drivers, guides, and waiters; even the Morocco Private Tour tour manager neither expects nor accepts gratuities.


Our tour groups are small, rarely more than 17 members and usually fewer. This size allows everyone to meet new friends, yet  Morocco Private Tour  has never sacrificed quality for volume and never will. You can also request a private group tour.


The price of all Morocco Private Tour tours includes everything mentioned in the itinerary–and more.
Passengers are never asked for additional payment for optional tours or hidden charges.


Our clients embark on adventures to areas of Morocco that may be completely new to them–some in very distant and non-touristic parts of Morocco. These can be explored with complete confidence because each of our tour managers is superior; all are seasoned travelers, intelligent and personable. Our tours are always fully escorted by these professionals whose primary aim is to make each tour the trip of a lifetime.