Morocco – Morocco Private Tour
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Morocco Private Tour Travel Corporation is proud to present the most exciting programs to Morocco ever offered-designed with you, the discriminating traveler in mind.

In this world crowded with people and filled with pollution, there is still an area that beckons to our inner need for freedom and escape-MOROCCO. A remarkable Country of contrasts.

Rich culture, Clean beaches, Majestic mountains and sweeping plains. Vast wilderness buttressing sophisticated cities The ancient cities of Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Shefshaoune and Rabat. Serene dawns and spectacular sunsets in Sahara Desert. All awakening  the senses and kindling the imagination with fantasies and folklore.

MOROCCO is still One Of the Best destination in the world. Discover the legends Of Marrakesh and Berber civilizations, the prehistoric heritage of tools and stone drawings and the last outposts in Morocco Of Palaces and castles  As well as cities of the old civilization made by the Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans,  at the mid-age era by the leaders of different tribes who made Morocco such a tolerant and very open to welcome all races and religions of humans on earth.

Our  safaris offer  you comfort, excitement and a return to nature not available on an ordinary Maroccan Tour.